Selling Yachts on Social Media

This course explains the best way to leverage the facebook algorithm,

how to get the best exposure

How to land your listing on the facebook page of a likely buyer near where your boat is lying

How to get wide exposure without spending too much time one your listing has been typed.

Do’s and Don’ts that make a massive difference .

Short Course £2

Aspiring Yacht Broker

This course explains what a Yacht Broker is in general terms It is aimed at the curious layperson, who may be tempted to become a Yacht Broker and wants to know more what is involved and what the qualifications may be.

Short Course. £5

Yacht Broker Basics

Sets out the duties and responsibilities of a practising Yacht Broker. It is aimed at those determined to become a Yacht Broker and existing Yacht Brokers wishing to verify they know all they need to.

Medium Course £10