The training system used by CPYB has been reviewed by the Best

ClassMarker is used by many of the world’s leading Enterprises, Businesses and Educators. After reviewing this leading quiz maker tool, thousands of Businesses, Teachers and Educators alike rely upon ClassMarker for security and reliability as well as GDPR, CCPA and NY Ed compliance, and as always, fast customer support.

Every organization from Enterprise testing solutions to Classroom exams have their own specific skills testing, training and recruitment requirements, and that’s why these easy-to-use interface and rapid response features allow you to learn online at your own pace, but faster than you believed possible.

“When studying to become a Microsoft Certified Professional I realised that the fastest way to learn was to take tests repeatedly that gave instant results and showed the correct answer when I had not.

This has become the basis of the CPYB training method. It is the fastest way to hammer facts into your head with a computer” D Greenaway Dean.

Answer each question choose each fact and immediately see the test result and correct answers !

It’s the fastest way to learn.

Test yourself repeatedly and you will soon learn all the correct answers.

When you KNOW you are ready you can progress to the final exam with total confidence.

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