Why should I get Certified?

Professional Organisations throughout the world use professional certification to recognise individuals for their dedication to their chosen career and their ability to perform to set standards.

Important Career Development

In the USA there is an established national organisation to provide the means to become a Certified Professional Yacht Broker. (USA training video)
Ask any certified broker in the USA and they’ll tell you that the certification
process improves the quality of service and is one of the single most important steps you can
make in career development.The same applies in The United Kingdom.


Our aim as an educational establishment in the UK is to provide Yacht Brokers in the United Kingdom with similar opportunities to yacht brokers in the United States, who can study and prove their grasp of core knowledge essential to their profession.

Why do YOU need CPYB certification:

1. You ensure your customer’s needs and interests are met in a professional manner
2. You demonstrate your commitment to the yacht brokerage profession
3.You help to enhance the profession’s image
4. You highlight your personal and professional achievement
5. You establish your genuine professional credentials
6. You improve career opportunities and advancement
7. You are better prepared for greater on-the-job responsibilities
8. You create a greater earnings potential
9. You Improve your skill and knowledge
10.You gain greater professional recognition from the media, clients, peers and the industry

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Meet the Dean

David Greenaway


Hon. Chairman of AYB,
UK-based International Yacht Brokers Association. www.ayb.org.uk

CEO of AYB Reach Out
The world’s largest integrated social media sales network designed specifically for Yacht Brokers www.aybro.com

Dean of CPYB in UK Certified Professional Yacht Brokers provide online training and certification for Yacht Brokers www.cpyb.uk

International Marketing Director of The El Alamein International Boat Show 2022 www.egyptboatshow.com

Kingswood School Sep 1959 – Jul 1965

University of London. Southlands College of Education Sep 1965 – Jul 1969

Qualified experienced Educator with high level of internet Business skills and IT training ability.

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